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Downton Style

"While the show’s slim satin gloves and subtly tulip-shaped evening dresses have garnered their share of swoons, it was turn-of-the-century equestrian chic that emerged as one of fall’s most compelling runway trends. Designers put their urbane twist on classic foxhunting essentials, from impeccably tailored cutaway coats and proper tweeds to what could just be the season’s sleeper accessory—the top hat. Downton watchers know that one of the show’s more salacious plot points (an amorous foreigner’s late-night pursuit of Lady Mary) emerged on horseback; while love was in the air as the hunt began, it was hard to tear your eyes from the riders in crisp white stock ties and black tailcoats.

But, as a costumer designer, Buxton is more satisfied when an outfit doesn’t leave an impression. “Some of the costumes I’m most proud of are the ones you wouldn’t necessarily think about because the clothes naturally belong to the character. They don’t look like actors in costumes. They look like real people,” she told Time.”

-Alison Baenen, of Ralph Lauren Magazine

If you’ve kept up with my musings, you’ll remember when I posted about my obsession with PBS Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey. Which is why I was delighted to see that the writers at RL Magazine made this connection with the brand for the inspiration of several of the collections for fall 2012. 

You can get the full scoop and read the entire Downton article here

Also, do yourself a favor and take a gander at Ralph Lauren’s entire fall collection. Swooning. 

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